Treating Box trees their deseases.

Box trees are an easy plant. They can be planted in solitarity or as a hedge. The Boxwood hedge will look super nice at your home and in your garden.

The Boxwood can be found in sleek gardens of palaces and castles. The tree will look super nice at your home and in your garden. The Boxwood tree is still seen as a symbol of reliability and class. Companies who want to radiate this, usually choose and show  these trees at the entrance to their office or their business premises.

Boxwood is also known for their deseases.

Boxwood fungus. Boxwood sometimes suffers from the Boxwood fungus. It will develop yellow or brown leaves that eventually fade completely. Leaves are falling out more and more. If there are black or brown spots on the leaves or black stripes, then you need to remove the branches. Ensure that the plants are in organic boxwood soil and give them sufficient boxwoord nutrition.

Boxwoord caterpillar (Boxwoord moth). You will see communal tents and thus leaves that are stuck together, dead leaves, bare branches and the skeleton of the boxwoord. If the bark is still green, the box is still alive. You can control the caterpillar infected area in a friendly way with products based on Basillus Thuriendiensis or Spinosad. Carefully treat it and repeat it the following week.

If these products does not work, you will probably need a substitute for this Boxwood tree. Luckily Hedgeplants-Heijnen has a variety of different hedge plants which will be a perfect substitute for the Boxwood tree.


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