Not every tree or shrub can be transplanted just like that. Nurseries often round up the root ball and transplant trees regularly, so that the root ball remains compact. The ratio between the root ball (underground) and the branches (above ground) must be in balance. A small root ball near a large tree will not work, there is a good chance that the tree will not make it. Even with plants in pots, the pot must be in proportion to the plant itself.

Transplanting trees
You don’t just transplant a tree that has been fixed for years. Trees that have been in the same place for a long time can no longer be transplanted by hand. The chance that they will grow again is small. In that case, it is better to start over with a large cultivated tree. It is possible to transplant younger trees:

Transplant a tree in the winter, when it is in hibernation.
Prune back one-third of the branches with a lop saw.
Dig out the tree well. Make the root ball as large as possible, about 2.5 times the trunk circumference. A tree with a trunk circumference of thirty centimeters needs a root ball of at least 75 cm in diameter.
Tie the root ball in a piece of burlap or a sheet to ensure that you damage as little as possible the fine roots.
Transport the plant with a packed root ball.
Always cover the clods and roots.
Dig a spacious planting hole, plant the tree according to the tree planting instructions.
Water sufficiently, especially in the spring after transplanting.

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